The Team - A Season With McLaren

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Episode 1 - A Man For All Seasons. The first part of this series comes from the Portuguese Grand Prix where the Formula 1 title was decided. Senna announces he is leaving McLaren after six seasons. Mika Hakkinen replaced Michael Andretti in the number two car.
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 Episode 2 - The Rookie. The focus of this part of the series is Michael Andretti whose switch from Indycar racing to Formula 1 is not successful.


 Episode 3 - A Few Good Men. Examines the relationship between the engineers and mechanics who prepare and maintain Formula 1 cars, and their drivers. Follows the team rebuilding Ayrton Senna's car at Monaco in two hours, and also visits the Grand Prix at Magny Cours, where the team were disappointed with the results.


 Episode 4 - The Boy From Brazil. Ayrton Senna, the star driver in the McLaren team, and his boss, Ron Denis, recall the complicated negociations that took place before he signed on with the team this year. Includes footage from Monza.


Episode 5 - Friendly Persuasion. Concentrates on the way McLaren markets itself to the public and the sponsors of motor racing. Travels to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone where McLaren persuades an Italian wine company to put their name on the cars. 


Episode 6 - The Rules Of The Game. Half way through the season, active suspension systems are banned from racing, and the team have to rebuild their cars.

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