Jeremy Clarkson's - Duel

My all new dvd is called DUEL...because that's what it's all about. I gather the fastest, best looking cars of 2009...and start a fight. Well, lots of fights actually. It's all about challenges.
Which is fastest? Which is the best drifter? Which will put the biggest grin on my face? 
I travel to Spain, Silverstone and beyond. I'm joined by The Stig. But we're not alone...This year I've invited more special guests to show what they can do behind the wheel...And that's not all good news for the cars. Yes some cars don't survive...but then, some don't deserve to. And I've come up with some ingenious ways to kill them. To death. I'll be giving you more information in a while.

Jeremy Clarkson - Duel 2009

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