Indian Food Made Easy

Indian cuisine is a national favourite but, when it comes to cooking it at home, it can seem rather complicated and easier to pop to the local takeaway. In this new series, food writer and chef Anjum Anand is on a mission to show exactly how simple it is to cook delicious, healthy Indian food. Anjum travels the country, taking her message to a health spa, country fair, fire station and even a small Cornish village to show those who love Indian food, but have never cooked it before, everything they need to know. "This series is about demystifying Indian cuisine and its explosive flavours. It will change people's perceptions of Indian food so that anyone can contemplate eating or cooking this way at any time of the day and on any occasion," says Anjum. She starts with the basics of how to tell how hot a fresh chilli is, what the spices of Indian food are and what equipment to use. She also speaks to the experts who reveal the secrets of tandoori cooking, how to make the perfect samosa, bake delicious naan bread and make Indian cheese. Then there's the cooking, from delicious finger food ñ chilli chicken and succulent tandoori mushroom wraps ñ to a traditional lamb curry with a healthy dal, savoury semolina cake and bowls of tasty mango kulfi. At the end of each programme, it's down to the novices she meets to use their new-found knowledge to cook the food themselves under Anjum's watchful eye. Anjum shows how Indian food is for everyone and can be easy enough to make every day. "The fact is that home-style Indian food can be healthy, fun and light," she says. "It can be casual or formal, a meal or snack, comfort food, diet food, traditional or modern. To me, it is one of the world's greatest cuisines because it caters for all

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